QD Learning is an educational game App shop Educational game is also called serious game. Through playing QD Learning games, kids can not only get happy and enthusiastic about study, but also acquire knowledge. Because games are interactive and interesting, so the kids will get more proactive in leaning, thus the learning efficiency will be improved
It has the all-sided study resources, the best experience, and the most users of all the current counterparts
Orientation: We only develop mobile educational game Mobile educational game is a mixture of knowledge and App on mobile device, such as mobile phone and tablet. Kids can acquire knowledge through playing games at any time in any where。
Pattern: One game is developed for one piece of knowledge point The games are developed according to the knowledge point. As kids play games and accomplish certain tasks, they will acquire knowledge
Aim: We aim to make learning mobile Learning will not only happen in the classroom but also everywhere, such as beach, bus, canteen, restroom, etc
Duration: Games will last three to ten minutes The length of the game avoid indulgence in the game, which will make learning efficient
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